UniqXO, a forthcoming beauty brand known for its exclusive and premium products, sought distinctive logo design choices that would capture attention. To meet their...

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Logo Design, Web Design &
Development, Video Production
and Product Design for Uniqxo


UniqXO, a forthcoming beauty brand known for its exclusive and premium products, sought distinctive logo design choices that would capture attention. To meet their needs, we presented them with a diverse range of options to choose from.

In addition, UniqXO required us to do their website design & development that would exude their unique identity and leave a lasting impression on online visitors. We ensured that their website would truly showcase who they are and what sets them apart.

UniqXO needed captivating videos that would eloquently convey their brand identity and values. They entrusted us with their social media content creation, recognizing its integral role in the beauty industry. They sought content that would engage their followers with a distinct brand voice that fosters a personal connection.

Finally, UniqXO wanted us to create product designs that would outshine the competition. We were committed to bringing their creative vision to life that align with their brand ethos.


  • Consultation
  • Website Coding
  • Logo Design
  • Optimization and Performance
  • Website Design
  • Security Enforcement
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Video Production
  • Cross-Broser/Platform Testing
  • Product Design
  • Deployment/Go Live
  • Server Administration
  • Support & Warranty
  • Final logos, videos and labels delivered in multiple formats

Logo Design

DreamWay Media used a professional design team to create the logo and typography. We gave them choices that would differentiate them from their competitors. We made sure that UniqXO had access to a wide range of top-notch logo options, guaranteeing them good results.

Website Design & Development

For Uniqxo’s website, we aimed to create a strong first impression and leave a positive impact on potential customers. Our focus was on providing a seamless user experience through interactive design, informative content, and easy navigation.

Video Production

We also created concise yet impactful videos for UniqXO to raise brand awareness among their target audience. We crafted videos that speak volumes, leaving a lasting impression on their audience and showcasing their brand in the best light possible.

DreamWay Media established Facebook and Instagram accounts for UniqXO, kickstarting their online presence with their inaugural video campaign. Crafting a robust social media strategy for UniqXO demanded meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a well-thought-out approach for building a formidable online presence.




Product Design

Understanding UniqXO’s vision was our priority for product design. Our team worked diligently to deliver top-quality hair tools and styling product designs that met their requirements, earning client satisfaction.

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